Welcome to the blog Kitchen & Studio !!

Starts from the intention to share ideas and experiences which I get when trying new recipes and making crafts, I decide to make a blog which contain of it.

Well, like a house,  blog Kitchen & Studio has several rooms in it, which every room has a role as a forum for various activities. Currently, we are at the VERANDA, so...come.. let me introduce every room in this blog.

1. The KITCHEN, where I usually trying new RECIPES, COOKING some foods, and mix some drinks. This is the first place I visit in the morning, so I list it first.
2. The LOUNGE, a place to do various activities with my family, and relax for a moment before resuming other activities.
3. The CELLAR, a base room that actually has the greatest significance for the occupants of the house because it is usually as a central place of house's utility until being a shelter.
4. The TERRACE, where I do some outdoor activities such as small-scale gardening, and take some fresh air.
5. The OFFICE, a place to conduct any business activity from home, such as make this blog.
6. The ATTIC, this place is still not finished yet, so I keep it in imagination until it is ready for publish.
7. The STUDIO, where I do some craft activities such as SEWINGCROCHETINGKNITTING,  EMBROIDERINGmaking PAPER CRAFTand RECYCLE PROJECT. I usually going to this room after completion of activity in another room, so I list it last.

That's it. Have fun exploring Kitchen & Studio !!

Dessy Dinata

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