Friday, December 2, 2016

Holiday Vase

by Dessy Dinata via Flickr

Have you tried recycling a house decoration by repaint  or recolor it?

I had it several times, and it is fun also if you have more spare time.

Here is the before picture of  the Holiday Vase, it was a baby shower gift from a family member, and the color is almost gone.

by Dessy Dinata via Flickr

It's too pretty to be thrown away, so I decide to repaint it using water based acrylic paint.

It was a blue, silver and creme tone. I choose to preserve the old tone and combine it with a new tone that more attractive. The red and gold seems to match my idea so far.

Here is the new look of the Holiday Vase.

by Dessy Dinata via Flickr

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