Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pillbox Hat

by Dessy Dinata on Flickr

A kind of simple multipurpose hat that I love to make.
This pillbox hat may use as a hat, a hatinator base or a baby's cap, depends on your creative ideas.

Materials :

How To :

There are two main steps in the making of this pillbox hat, the assembling and the finishing.

by Dessy Dinata on Flickr

For the assembling:
  1. Cut the felt fabric according to the pattern, here will be one piece of the crown top and one piece of the side stripe. I usually use one piece thick felt only, you may adjust it as your preferences.
  2. Pin the center of the side stripe on the center front of the crown top, it will be our guide in assembling the pieces.
  3. Unite and seam the side stripe, here I use the open seam.
  4. Attach the crown top and the side stripe using the needle help as shown, then sew the seam.

For the finishing:
  1. Trim the seam as shown in the picture.
  2. Attach the bias tape on the edge of the side stripe for hems.
by Dessy Dinata on Flickr

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