Saturday, January 2, 2016

Mily Headband

One of easy peasy hair accessories that fun to make is a headband, especially a plain headband that no need to be sewn. Yippee!!
by Dessy Dinata via Flickr

So, these things that I prepare for making Mily Headband.
First is a silver plate headband as the base, it's sized about 1/8 inches or 3-4 MILImeters, so I call it Mily Headband. It's MILI size is perfect for my head and it's also great as a facsinator or hatinator handle (remember: for my head).
Then, any favorite or needed color of bias tape, here I use the 1/2 or 0.5 inches wide bias tape which cut about two inches more than the length of the headband.
Also, some adhesive, I prefer the 1/8 inches wide double sided tape and super glue for this project.

by Dessy Dinata via Flickr

How to make it, first is preparing the silver plate headband by attaching a length of double sided tape as long as the inner side of the plate. (Figure 1)
Attach the inner edge of the bias tape on the taped side.
The inner side of the headband will be seen as figure 2, and the outer side of the headband will be seen as figure 3.
Then, neatly wrap the edge tip of headband with the bias tape, and secure it with the super glue.

by Dessy Dinata via Flickr

Carefully apply some super glue on the remain middle part and close it neatly by fold and bring it to the taped inner side of the headband.
Wait it for about 15 minutes before use it, just to make sure the glue already dry and secure the tape perfectly.

by Dessy Dinata via Flickr

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