Wednesday, January 20, 2016


One of my childhood favorite TV show's characters had an expo in Grand City Mall, Surabaya.
A blue earless round cat that has a magic pocket, which able to store and dispense any unique tool - secret gadget they said.

by Dessy Dinata via Flickr

Here I found some secret gadget that I favor and childhood me want to own it. 
The first is The Copying Toast or Memory Bread, a toast that able to copy some notes and make the user remember the copied notes after eaten.
The second gadget is The Shadow Cutting Scissor, a scissor for detach any shadow from its original creature, that makes the detached shadow being alive, and it could replace the original creature after 30 minutes.
And, the third gadget is The Anywhere Door or Dokodemo Door, a human sized door that allow the user to travel to anywhere as it's name.
Also the Time Machine in Nobita's desk.
by Dessy Dinata via Flickr

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