Thursday, March 12, 2015

Romantic Tissue Box

This project is one of my 2012's recycle project, do re-purpose and up-cycle some old tin. I've posted this project on my old blog, and today I decide to move it here. This project purpose is to turn an old tin into a romantic tissue box.

by Dessy Dinata on Flickr

Some materials that used in this project are:

  • Paper Scissors
  • White Adhesive or Craft's Glue
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Ruler or Meters
  • Pencil
  • Old Tin
  • Doily Paper 
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Ribbon Pieces
  • Golden String
  • Decorative ornaments

And, here is how I made this project, started from the tin's body, continue to the lid and the decoration.


by Dessy Dinata on Flickr

1A. Measure the height and circumference of the tin.Then cut the wrapping paper according to the size.

1B. Wrap the wrapping paper around the tin, secure it with adhesive.
For neat results, use the double sided tape, and fold the end of its side to be joint and secure it with double-sided tape.

1C. Trace the circle of the tin on three sheets of paper doily as a circle mark, set aside. 
(oops.. The doily is unseen as I put too much brighten effect)

1D. Apply double sided tape on the bottom of the tin body, carefully place the paper doily, ensure it as on marks. Apply white adhesive on the lace doily, gently stick it on the tin as it laid out.

by Dessy Dinata on Flickr

1E. Set the pieces of ribbon to cover the doily folds, and secure it with white adhesive.

1F. For the rim, take a sheet of doily and cut a hole in the middle as on marks, arrange it around the tin lip and secure it with white adhesive.
Set the pieces of ribbon to cover the joint, and secure it with white adhesive.

by Dessy Dinata on Flickr

Step2. THE LID
by Dessy Dinata on Flickr

2A. Apply some white adhesive on the outer surface of the lid,
place a doily sheet on it, and ensure it according to the circle mark, secure the doily on the lid sides with double sided tape.

2B. Prepare a Paper Bow as here, and tie a golden string on the bow. Use a sewing needle to stitch origami birds at the end of the string, then tie the end of the string as a stopper.

2C. Arrange some ornaments to cover the bond on a tie, such as rhinestones and a small bouquet.


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