Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Chic Dahlia

The first of my refashion project in 2015 is The Chic Dahlia, a jewel neckline polyester short sleeve shift dress with dahlia pattern embroidery. I really like the embroidery pattern, and decide to keep it, though it doesn't fit anymore since I bought the dress about seventeen years ago.
Early this year, I decide to do minor refashion it, from a short sleeve dress into a sleeveless dress and adjusting the body seams.

I do some hand seams on the collar and the armholes after removing the sleeves as the picture below, also do machine sewing for adjusting the body seam to fit me.

And, this is the new looks of The Chic Dahlia, I choose to wear it for early year feast.

Psst.. The sunglasses are fake, as I fail to remove the red eye due flare effect on my photo.

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