Wednesday, January 28, 2015

On Queue Sewing Project in 2015

Snap some pictures when organizing my on-queue sewing projects a few weeks ago. 
Here are some of almost finished projects that began through last 2014 until early 2015, and according to my plan, it should be finished in February 2015.

by Dessy Dinata on Flickr

Those projects are going to my on-queue list, as I still have not found any needed material in the neighborhood sewing store. So, I plan to list all the needed material and buy them at once from the sewing store in nearby city this weekend. To keep it organized, before storing them in a box, I put them in separate tissue bags with a mini silica gel pack and a note of the needed material.

by Dessy Dinata on Flickr

Meanwhile, waiting for the weekend, I do some design and pattern preparation for the next project. I have about eight plain cottons and eleven motif fabrics in on-queue sewing project for March to December as below, also some satin fabrics that I forget to snap.

by Dessy Dinata on Flickr

Those are some last year-cotton fabrics that I bought in bulk with my mom and sister, and some motif fabric got pretty discount price.  I keep them in a box until I have a time to do them, and I will keep them in a separate tissue bag too after finish the design and preparing the needed material such as match lining fabric, thread, bias tape, zipper or button.  

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