Friday, January 2, 2015

Goodbye 2014.. Hello 2015

I love foods.
Especially YUMMY foods.
Well.. Who isn't?

We used to have Chinese cuisine for the New Year's eve, and we want something different for this time.  Indonesian cuisine for New Year's eve.. Why not??

I've documented it as below.
by Dessy Dinata on Flickr

Those are some foods that were chosen by my family for the last day of 2014.
Start from the left below, we had brunch with Fried Gourami and Fried Anchovy at home. It's so yummy as we got the fresh live fish from Superindo, a local grocery in my parent's neighborhood.
Believe it or not, they had more than 200 of the live Gourami in stock only for that day, to anticipate the consumer demand.
And, I got a strawberry cream cracker sandwich for last 2014's snack, also some mints candy to freshen my palate.
We close the 2014 with early dinner at a Padang cuisine restaurant, the Sederhana, yummm...
I choose the Ayam Panas, Egg in Curry, Dendeng, and Paru for my dinner, yummmm..  my favorite non-spicy Padang menu.
That's the Indonesian cuisine for our New Year's eve.

How about the New Year?
We opt to have an Indonesian cuisine for breakfast and lunch only.
We had some stuffed tofu for the first breakfast of 2015, also from Superindo, they made it fresh and this food is one of favorite bought item by the consumers. And, some Balinese Milk Custard Pie that brought by my cousin, and a glass of cold soy milk, fresh soy milk from one of the Dad's clients.

by Dessy Dinata on Flickr

For the 1st lunch in 2015, we ate gudeg at Happy Susy restaurant, yummm.. one of my favorite food. Some people may say that this gudeg is too sweet, as Surabaya people tend to the salty or the savory taste than the sweet, but for us, this gudeg is yummier than the other and closely match to the Jogja's gudeg.
I do enjoy some sweet foods, especially cookies, cake and ice cream. My sister bought me a slice of mocha ice cream for intermezzo as we reach the Galaxy Mall in the afternoon, before our dinner time at Wok restaurant.

A nice holiday must be accompanied with nice food.

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