Monday, January 5, 2015

Cold Pancake

Pancake usually eaten at breakfast.
Can pancake be a snack or dessert?
One of my favorite snack in the afternoon tea, and be my dinner's sweet dessert too.

Of course we need to prepare the pancake firstly, just choose any of your favorite pancake, here I use the thin pancake as Chocolate Pancake.
Prepare also any favorite syrup, cream and sprinkles as chocolate rice, chocolate chips, or fruit cuts.

This un-frost stack of 5 layer pancake uses rum syrup, mocha cream and rainbow sprinkles.

Started by place a pancake as the base layer.
Spread the cream evenly and any favorite sprinkles on it, then lay another pancake to top it.
Repeat for the remaining layer, as tall as you please.
Refrigerate the layered pancake for several hours until the cream well sets.

Give it try to cover the Cold Pancake with any favorite frosting or glazing to touch up the appearance.

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